Hawaii Livestreams & Virtual Events

State of the Art Virtual Meeting and Event Solutions

We love  in person events, but sometimes its just not possible for all your guests to come together in one room in Hawaii. We provide a variety of custom, scalable solutions for virtual events. We can produce anything from a broadcast-style livestream of a concert to a more complex event that includes multiple remote sites and audience participation. We offer solutions for all types of virtual events, big and small; company meetings, multi-day conferences, award shows, and concerts.

Besides fully virtual events, we also offer audience response services and live-streaming solutions for in-person events. Dramatically increase the reach of your event by including a world-wide audience!

Our Comprehensive Strategies Feature

  • Broadcast quality live productions
  • Multi-tiered virtual platforms for effective engagement
  • Interactive audience response
  • Audience Q&A
  • Comprehensive metrics on your audience engagement
  • Custom branding and graphics
  • Content creation and motion graphics
  • Archiving of your live streams
  • Streaming across all social media platforms and corporate websites

Theatrix Hawaii is here for you as you strive to connect on a more exciting and personal level with your audience, team, and clients. So get in touch today to find out how we can help get your event online.