Cutting Edge Design for your Hawaii Event

Creating a Unique Visual Design for Every Event!

How important is event design? Good event design acts as a powerful force multiplier for your budget. Our event design goals are to take all the various real world constraints such as space, budget, timeline and attendees into account and to use all the tools available to us to create the most impactful event for you.
Strictly speaking, event design is about the visual language of an event, but our approach is more holistic. We seek to tell a story with every Hawaii event we help design. We don’t just take decor, color themes, style and signage into account, but also incorporate practical effects and sound into a cohesive whole that is greater than the sum of its pieces.

With our background of producing and designing entertainment events, our team of experts will make your Hawaii event memorable. We understand how all elements of the design, production, and the event execution will interact with the flow and timing of your event.

Transforming the Visual Design to an Actual Event!

Event design is also about making sure your visual message is consistent with your goal. Do you need help creating custom signage? Looking for video assets to play on that large LED wall on stage? Thinking about spicing up a show with projection mapping, but don’t know where to begin? We can help with all of that and much more.

Theatrix is known for producing innovative and cutting edge solutions for every event we manage and produce. Once visual design and budget parameters are set, we can begin the process to transform the design into reality. We are specialists in creating a path from design to completion — on time and on budget. This is not as easy as many people think. We have the experience, knowledge and demonstrated ability to make an event not only happen but exceed expectations on every level.