Theatrix is the only Licensed Hawaii Rigging Contractor

Safe and Creative Support Structures

Theatrix is the only licensed (C-29606) entertainment rigging contractor in Hawaii. Whether you want to fly a few lights or create a stadium sized show, our Hawaii based rigging team can take care of the planning and execution for you. We have a large inventory of truss, motors, scaffolding, delay towers and accessories to build any size structure. We even offer rigging for aerialists and have custom welded flying apparatuses. In addition we offer all the rigging support hardware your production might need.

Our truss is manufactured by Total Structures, Tyler Truss, Tomcat and TMB and we offer an extensive inventory of CM chain hoists which are available in ¼ ton, ½ ton, and 1 ton capacity.

Entertainment Structures and Mobile Stages

Theatrix has the largest selection of entertainment structures in Hawaii. We offer heavy-duty load-bearing structures fabricated by Total Structures. These covered structures are as large as 85' x 45' with support legs up to 45' tall and can include audio and video support extensions. For smaller applications we offer medium-duty rigging structures available in multiple sizes; 85'x30', 45'x30', 30'x20' as well as other configurations. 

Our Stageline SL100 and SL260 are mobile stages that only require a small team to operate and can be set up in a matter of hours.  At Theatrix Hawaii we take pride in designing and building some of the most creative, safe, and exhilarating entertainment structures for Hawaii shows. Be sure to contact us at our Hawaii office for more information.