Hawaii Special Effects Professionals

Lasers, Haze, Fog, Confetti, Air Blasters, Flames and More!

Take your Hawaii event to the next level with special effects like lasers, air blaster confetti, simulated snow, haze, follow spots, flames, CO2, and whatever else you can dream up. Our confetti shooting air blasters will certainly get everyone’s attention! How about a bubble party? Or maybe a foam covered dance floor? There's practically nothing our effects department can't handle.

Our team of Hawaii based professionals with extensive technical special effects experience will work tirelessly to take your production to the next level. Whether you need bubbles, strobe lights, CO2 blasters, lasers, or even snow, we stock it all locally in Hawaii.

Bring Your Event to Life with Our Effects

Our vast experience of designing, installing, and displaying spectacular special effects in a variety of environments in Hawaii means you can have complete confidence your ideas will be executed safely and with maximum impact.

When you are in need of special effects to create that wow factor, Theatrix Hawaii is up to the challenge. We will find the unusual and figure out how it can be used to enhance your Hawaii event. We can help you captivate, motivate, move, and inspire your audience. Contact us for more information about our special effects.