Hawaii's Staging Specialist

From Traditional to Circular Stages, We Can Do Them All!

Are you planning on promoting a concert or other event at a venue in Hawaii and need to provide a stage for the performers? Whether in the ocean, over a pool, or in a concert hall, we can design a stage to match your ideas. Our inventory includes unusual configurations including circular and trapezoidal stages and even ones built on turntables for a truly moving display. Our concert stage decks have a weatherproof, non-skid surface ideal for Hawaii’s ever shifting climate and are braced by aluminum structures strong enough to support vehicles.

Most of the time the stage is the main focal point of the show so it better be rock solid. Staging is truly a critical part of every Hawaii event or concert. Our stages can transform the look of any venue or environment. Indoor, outdoor, ballroom, convention center, pool area, or even out in the ocean. Our designers can create a custom stage for your specific venue, event, and performer. Circular turntable stages allow the performance to be seen from all sides, providing a unique experience. We will work diligently with you to meet all the detailed needs of the show’s production and staging.

Creating Concert and Venue Stages in Hawaii

Our tried and tested approach to design, management and production of your Hawaii project will result in an efficient and affordable staging system that will save you time, money and worry. We strive to take the stress off your shoulders.

When you are planning your next concert in Hawaii and are considering building a stage be sure to contact us at our Honolulu or Maui offices for a consultation. Our designers will work with you to provide a comprehensive plan that works within your budget and time frame