Hawaii Event CAD Design

Ground Plans & Technical Drawings

During the planning stages of your next Hawaii event the need for Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings may become apparent. In order to keep everyone on the same page and to avoid expensive oversights, accurate technical drawings are essential for larger shows. We have a reference database for most Hawaii event venues that accurately marks dimensions, rigging points and incursions into the space. Better to find out that a rigging truss does not fit while it is still a mark on a piece of paper rather than having to waste hours on site for modifications.

Our CAD design process naturally starts with you. We’ll partner with you to accurately express your vision and ideas. We can help you select appropriate lighting, video, and sound enhancements for your budget. Once the general goals are identified we will create detailed drawings that take rigging, power and specific site requirements into consideration. We’ll provide detailed ground plans, elevations and department specific wiring plans. So the show install can happen quickly and flawlessly.

3D Renders and Lighting Visualizations

In addition to basic CAD drawings we can provide accurate 3D renderings complete with lighting simulations to help you visualize what your final Hawaii event will look like from different vantage points. That way you can guarantee good sight-lines, catch issues early on or simply present your vision effectively to other stakeholders.

Our CAD specialists have a wealth of experience to draw on when visualizing your next show. This sets us apart from other technical lighting, audio, and video companies in Hawaii. When you are ready to find out more about CAD design for Hawaii events, be sure to contact Theatrix Hawaii at either our Honolulu or Maui offices. One of our experts will be glad to assist you.